The kingdom of muflone on the mounains Sette Fratelli

Muflone residence Villasimius

An excursion to be suggested to “nature lovers” is the nature reserve managed by the forest agency of Sardinia on the mountains “Sette fratelli”. To get to the headquarters of the forest you have to take the SS 125 until Km 30,400 and, coming from Cagliari, turn right to the chapel with a Virgin, after about 200 mt. you will find the service center U. Nuts and after 50 mt. the entrance  for Settefratelli park, continue  along the dirt road street, opening hours is from 07.30 hours until sunset.


A first stop is the locality of Maidopis about 5 km., where in the frame of a beautiful pond, there is a restocking fence of Sardinian deer.

Cervo sette fratelli


It is possible to walk through the path “Italy” reported in the colors white / red, to reach the locality of Baccumalu, where in the setting of a fairytale forest of oaks, is the repopulation fence of wild bighorn sheep (mufloni), this year gladdened by birth to three puppies, if you’re lucky to get an hour in which they are feeding, you can see them, usually they are very shy animals and do not approach.

Mufloncini Sette Fratelli

At sunset you can see the eagles flying from the most high peaks.

For more information: Services Center U. Nuts, loc. Campuomu – Sinnai. Tel. 070 831038

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