Nuraghes: a fantasy movie set in Sardinia


Soon on screen a new film about ancient Sardinia, finally out from the stereotypes thet see in Sardinian people only shepherds and bandits, dealing with an unusual theme: the great nuragic culture in the second millennium A.C. that made Sardinia a great Mediterranean power, leading to the construction of at least 10,000 monumental towers, the highest buildings in the world at that time.


The movie deals with this great culture with the optics of fantasy, highlighting oneiric, fantasticbut also strong and violent aspects, with no false morality and preconceived idealizations. The theatrical release is expected for 2016, the director, Mauro Aragoni and staff are looking for funds to make it happen, and I certainly believe that these young people deserve greater institutional support. Its strengths, as can be understood from the brief teaser, are superlative music, that touches the heart and stomach, costumes and historical reconstruction manicured, photograph of a surgical acuity and a great passion.


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Web: David Oliveras