Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area.

Things to see near the La Chimera Residence.

Since September 1988 the municipality of Villasimius has established Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area. A terrestrial and marine park with the function of protecting the coastal environment and promoting sustainable tourism.

Distance: 300 m. from the Residence la Chimera. We can provide informative material on the regulations and initiatives of the Marine Protected Area.

Underwater photo of the corals of the seabed of the Marine Protected Area of Capo Carbonara.

Photograph taken from the Marine Protected Area web page. Sea floors of Villasimius.

Thanks to the marine park of Villasimius, in the marvelous ecosystems framed by granite rocks sculpted by the wind, we find a flowering of fauna and flora: in the sea we can admire various types of Mediterranean fishes, sea bream, sea bass, dentex, amberjack, scorpionfish, octopus, moray eels, along with sea anemones, sea urchins etc.

A sea anemon in the seabed of the marine park of Villasimius

Seabed of the Marine Park from the photos of the Marine Protected Area

Lately you can also admire animals that were not at all typical of our coast in recent years. For example the exotic triggerfish from the Red Sea, dolphins, whales, the monk seal. A great success in recent years is the return of the Pinna Nobilis. It is a mollusc that was extinguishing in our coasts. Another success of the park is the depositions of the caretta caretta turtles.

The good health of the seabed of Villasimius is also measured by these success: the return of the Pinna Nobilis, first very rare.

The Pinna Nobilis returns to the seabeds of Villasimius.

Zones of the Marine Protected Area.

The park is divided into various zones: A (red, full protection zone), B (yellow, general protection zone), C (in light blue, partial protection zone), D (blue, experimental protection zone). For a detailed list of what is allowed to do in the various areas, refer to the MPA page.

 zones A (red), B (in yellow), C (in light blue), D (in light blue),

Map with areas of the marine park

Marine Protected Area Projects.

The Marine Protected Area manages various projects for the recovery of the ecosystem and the sustainability of the tourist impact. In some of these programs our residence also collaborates.

  • RESMARIS: “Recovery of threatened habitat of the AMP” is a project aimed primarily at the protection of coastal dune habitats with juniper, of the two with pinewood, of the Posidonia prairies and aimed at reducing the invasion of alien species with respect to the flora local.
  • STRATUS “Environmental Strategies for Sustainable Tourism”, is to plan pilot actions, in collaboration with the municipality and the hotels participating in the initiative, for the definition of an integrated approach to sustainable tourism development. Our Residence participate in this project.
  • RAT ERADICATION “black rat eradication”, is a program for the eradication of the black rat from the Cabbage and Serpentara Islands to protect the local fauna and in particular the birds that nest in the islands
  • WATER OUR “Valorisation of public water”, a program aimed at reducing the environmental impact and raising awareness of sustainable behavior of the population and tourists.
  • MEDSEALITTER, a program for the reduction of marine litter and to reduce their impact on the coastal ecosystem

You will appreciate the effects of these continuous efforts to protect the environment with a swim in the crystal clear waters of the park

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