Book: L’Impero dei Popoli del Mare (The Empire of the Sea People)

Libro: L'Impero dei Popoli del Mare

Valeria Putzu’s book “l’Impero dei popoli del Mare” (The Empire of the Sea People), published by Arkadia editore, has just been released in bookstores. The book can be bought in any bookshop in Sardinia or from IBS.

Who were the “Sea People”? What level of civilization did they reach? We are talking about a mysterious alliance of Western peoples who, between the 12th and 11th centuries. B.C. they put the Western Mediterranean on fire, causing the fall of civilizations such as the Mycenaean and Hittite ones, and putting Ramesseid Egypt in serious difficulty.

According to the texts handed down to us by the Egyptians, this confederation would have been led by the Sherdan, who recent studies make coincide with the Nuragic Sardinians, completely overturning the historical preconception that they were cowardly, ignorant, isolated and alien to trade.

in a volume full of references and archaeological evidence, little-known sites and testimonies, the author intends to bring a new and decisive piece, that of the contacts of the Sardinians with the West and in particular with the Iberian Peninsula, to the understanding of a very complex, which testifies to the ability of the Sherdans and their high level of civilization. Masters of metallurgy, wise astronomers, expert navigators, these certainly had nothing to learn from the Phoenicians. On the contrary, it is probable that their knowledge was passed on to chronologically later peoples who, in history textbooks, are always brought to the altars of fame.

The author of the book, Valeria Putzu, was recently interviewed on the Fuori TG program on Rai 3 “Tesori Troppo Nascosti”. You can see it in the following video

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