The fishes of the Marine Park


Villasimius is, from a few years ago, a marine park, it is not permitted to fish with spear gun, it is possible to fish with fishing rod by requesting authorization to the municipality, or for who wants to enjoy a day of fishing, you can do it on the boats of local fishermen who offer fishing-tourism services.

Occhiate a Villasimius-Hotel Residence la Chimera

For those who do not want to fish, but to admire the unspoiled nature of the sea, the coast is full of rocks and shallows where you can snorkel or dive surrounded by mullets, sea breams, bogues, trigger fishes, red sea stars, sea urchin, sea castanets (we advice you that it is forbidden to pick them up). The more fortunate can also admire snappers, groupers, manta rays, dolphins, rare were the sightings of Sperm whales, monk seals and sea turtles.

Scoglietto davanti al residcence la Chimera a Villasimius

Even the little ones will enjoy a swim with the fish, ask the staff of the residence to take you to the “Scoglietto”.

Salpa a Villasimius-Hotel_Residence_la_Chimera

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