Depositions of caretta caretta turtle in the marine park of Villasimius


The Caretta Caretta turtles depositions in the area Marine Protected Area of Villasimius are becoming commonplace. In 2009 there was a deposition, unfortunately unsuccessful, in Geremeas, while in 2015 in the beach of Cala Sinzias in Castiadas 49 turtles were born, the first 45 turtles were born on September 19 were saved by the institution’s staff the park, since the birth had taken place in a day of strong waves, they had been kept in a warm box, to be released into the sea on the following day.  The year before, in 2014 there was a deposition, unnoticed to the park staff, which only intervened to help one of the four turtles that were born on that occasion.


In 2016 there were three depositions of marine turtles in the protected area of Villasimius, the first in the beach of Campus, which took place on the night of July 9th. The turtle in question was 120 cm long. was spotted by a tourist who alerted the coast guard of Villasimius, who went to the site with the marine park staff, and followed all stages of nesting, which lasted about an hour and then they monitored and then to fence off the nest area, so as to prevent the eggs are accidentally crushed by tourists or machinery cleaning the beach. After 64 days of incubation, on 10th of September were born the first 63 turtles , the birth was expected because already for a couple of days had formed a small crater at the top of the nest, a sign of imminent hatching. In the following days were born, respectively, other 5, then 11 and finally 4 turtles, bringing to 83 the total number of turtles born in this nest.


A second nest of turtle Caretta-Caretta was discovered accidentally on July 24 by a tourist in Piscina Rei beach while digging to plant the umbrella. This second nest was taken over also by the personnel protected marine area of Villasimius. The nest had to be traslated on 16th of September in anticipation of a storm, moving it  24 m. In anticipation of another violent storm, the nest was then opened on Oct. 13, after at least 81 days of incubation, when he showed already from a few days signs of an imminent hatching. Were found 27 children already born, which were released in other more sheltered beach, 4 eggs during hatching, whose turtles were released in the open sea for the adverse conditions, and 30 eggs more.

uovo Caretta Piscina Rei

A third turtle had nested on August 3, between 0.45 and 1.30 am in the beach of Cala Pira. On 12th of October, after 63 days of incubation were born 52 children, who have reached the sea alone, immediately after the nest was opened, for the approach of a storm and were found 19 recently born turtles (released into the sea a few hours later ) and 14 viable eggs, which have been transferred in an incubator in the AMP site.

Overall, therefore, the last year were born at least 195 turtles (83 to Campus, 31 to Piscina Rei and 71 in Cala Pira), but it could be more as have not been provided more news of the 44 eggs saved from Piscina Rei and Cala Pira nests before the storm. We look forward to a new season of depositions for 2017, we will keep you informed promptly.





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