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In humid areas of Sardinia, spring and early summer are really magical periods for the show given by flamingos, which our ancestors called “people arrubia” (the red people). It starts from February to March, according to the duration of the rainy season, with the wedding dances, true spectacles of ritualized dance group, composed by lateral rotation of the head, perfectly synchronized between all the members of the group, by opening the wings to show the magnificent plumage, by mutual reverence.

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Then, around March-April couples get together for nesting, the place varies according to the conditions of the lagoons and the amount of available water, they choose emerged mudflats surrounded by shallow water, mud nests are built 30-40 cm. high.  In general in recent years the nesting site has been in the pond of Molentargius, from side towards Cagliari and opposite the sea.

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Here it is formed a pink cloud for the large amount of birds incubating the only egg that is laid for each pair. The chick is born after 28 days of hatching, initially with a light white plumage, which then turns gray to blend in among the mud and escape predators.

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After 7-12 days the young leave the nest and form real “nursery” of young supervised by a few adults, while most parents move to more remote areas to feed and bring food to the little ones.

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After 70-80 days after hatching the little birds already know how to fly and already have adult plumage. The families then disperse and spend the rest of the summer in the various ponds of the island to feed and store reserves for the autumn migration. In August it is not uncommon to see groups of flamingos also in the lagoon behind the beach of port Giunco in Villasimius. If you are interested in seeing this natural spectacle, please ask the staff of the residence who will advise you on the best place to admire these magnificent birds.

In order to witness the spectacle of the hatching of the flamingos, be sure to visit the parc of Molentargius Saline:

Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 20.00
Saturday and Sunday from 09.00 to 20.30

For information: Infopoint 070379191






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