The only ecological apartments in Sardinia with Ecolabel Certificate

Ecolabel logo is the reward for the commitment in environmental protection of our ecological apartmentsOur ecological apartment resorts  is one of the few residences in Sardinia to have received the prestigious Ecolabel certification for environmental protection (EU Ecolabel: IT/025/431), we have not manteined the certification after the Covid, although we respect all the standards. Villasimius is a marine park with an incredibly rich natural environment, that we are the first interested to wish to preserve, which is why we strive to actively promote the conservation of the ecosystem and to minimize the environmental impact of our residence with the environmental sustainability policies and environmental awareness.

Our ecological apartment have photovoltaic cells in the roof in order to use only cleen energy

fotovoltaic and solar termal panels in the ecological apartments of Residence la Chimera in Sardinia Solar panelsPhotovoltaic. We produce all the energy consumed in our apartments during the summer, while in winter, during the closing period of the residence, we put the energy produced by us on the net.

Solar thermal cells. 60% of our apartments receive hot water heated by our solar thermal installation. We plan a second installation to also cover the flats that still do not have. The water of the outdoor showers is heated by the use of a black tube that in the distance between the tank and the shower heats water by the sun.

Residence Villasimius rifiuti TrashThe waste is separated according to fractions (wet, plastic glass, cans, metal, paper-cardboard) and there are containers for waste separation in the apartments and in bins at the collection point.

We facilitate customer awareness to recycling and waste collection dell’immondezza by written notice

We use where possible ecological detergents in cleaning or otherwise concentrated products to reduce the production of plastic.

The paper used in the reception is recycled in reception with FSC or PEFC certification, Ecolabel, TUV.

Residence Villasimius acqua WaterShowers and sinks for water saving (at least 80%)

– W.C. drainage system with dual button

Sensitize customers to save water by means of written communication

The water used in the residence is sent to the system of Villasimius sewage plant. The purified water recovered with this system is used for watering of gardens.

Residence Villasimius energia EnergyUse of lamps in class A energy saving

Outside lighting of the apartments work with detector of presence and light up only in the event of passage of people

The air conditioner turns off automatically when the customers leave the apartment.

Using condensing boilers in replacement of traditional boilers

The washing machines available to customers are Class A and we leave at the disposal ecological detergents.

Residence Villasimius trasporti TransportsBoth the cleanliness of the rooms as delivering the linen are carried out by local companies, in km. zero

We provide customers that require all the information to reach the residence via the public service or private shuttle services, or of organized tours in which tourists are taken to the hotel.

In Villasimius there is a private bus service that takes tourists to the various beaches.

Residence Villasimius biciclette Lightweight mobility.In the residence we have disposed a rental service of bicycles available to customers who are without a car or who prefer for short distances move with a less polluting means of transport.

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